Underground Network in Bugis

The city of Singapore is strategically planned to enable pedestrians to move around without a glitch year-round. The key plan for this idea is the development of a complete pedestrian network. It will cover the lower and upper sides of the ground which connects to the developments in places with high traffic of pedestrians. It will also link them to the neighboring Transit stations.

1. The urban redevelopment agency with other pertinent parties has laid down a comprehensive plan which will enable the construction of a complete Underground Pedestrian Network. The laid down guidelines will also facilitate the development of Underground Pedestrian Links in the city center. Guocoland is to build underground pedestrian network linking the development to Bugis

2. In addition to that, the Authority also presented the Cash Grant Incentive Scheme which will enable the construction of an underground pedestrian network. The scheme will simply partial fund the project development within Singapore city center as well as the Orchard road.

Underground Network in Bugis

3. The URA also assessed the co-fund scheme and agreed it will be extended to additional planned links.

4. This circular replaces the previous ones which were presented in the year 2012 and 2014.

5. Certain conditions need to be met before issuance of provisional Permission. For instance, property owners and developers need to develop some of the sections of the UPLs.

6. Developers and Property owners who are situated nearby the twenty considered UPLs are allowed to apply for partial funding of the development expenses.

7. The scheme also allows them to be possibly compensated for any development costs of the UPL links which are under the state land.

Pedestrian Underground Network in Bugis

8. Besides the considered links, property owners and developers are allowed to suggest additional links. However, the additional links need to meet certain criterion such as the level they will subsidize to the connectivity and development of the Underground Pedestrian Network. For instance, those UPLS which improves the whole network qualifies for the Cash Scheme.

10. The pedestrian path section of UPLs may be selected GFA protection provided they contribute to the general development of the network in the strategic Underground Pedestrian Network.

12. All suggestions for the development of UPLs need to be presented officially to URA for assessment and endorsement which is required during the construction application process. There is a formal criteria used before the proposals are accepted by the relevant authorities.

13. The submission process for compensation of the development costs of UPLs is available in the official listings.

14. The comprehensive project and development of the planned UPLs must conform to the guidelines of other pertinent

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