Midtown Suites Project Details
Project NameMidtown Suite
Address of DevelopmentBeach Road Singapore
Project DeveloperSingapore
Tenure99 Years Leasehold Development
Site Area226,249 sqft
Gross Floor Area950,592 sqft
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsTo Be Advised
TOPTo Be Advised

Midtown Suite Beach Road Project Details

Midtown Suite is a new development located at Beach Road by Guocoland. The new development is Guocoland’s latest priced project located next to Nicoll Highway and represents a prime piece of land near to many amenities and shopping centres such as Marina Square, Suntec City and Bugis Junction. The concept of Midtown Suite Beach Road is a mix development that combines work, live and play in the latest real estate trend.

Midtown Suite Guocoland Project Details

Mix developments is an urban housing which includes residential as well as commercial places. Mix development allow residents to have commercial spaces where they live which provides beauty salon, clothing shops, grocery stores, pubs, retail shops, and Cinemax. The standard type of mix development in Singapore has always been residential areas and shopping malls.

Advantages of Mix Developments Compared to other Residential Projects

• You can save a lot of costs having mixed developments because your expenditures will be minimized. You don’t have to incur a lot of the expenses for fuel to travel at a distance to get your stuff. Mix developments allow availability of various stores around the areas people live and hence makes life less costful. Midtown Suite Guocoland is also located near to many amenities and shopping centres such as Suntec City and Bugis Junction.
• Convenience is another benefit of mixed development properties. When you have everything you need just around you, you won’t have to go far to get the items you need, and you may have it right on time. Be it groceries or other accessories you will have it on time unlike if the stores are located far from where people live.
• The mix development also allows investments; You can hold your investments as you desire so long as you have people around you, therefore, you have customers to whatever you may decide to invest in.
• People are able to save a lot of costs and invest hence they contribute to tax revenue of that area.
• Live, work play dynamics, the much time you may take in your car or busses to get your items such as groceries the less time you have to enjoy doing other things. It is best to have a mixed development like Midtown Suite Bugis since it allows you to work and at the end of the day have some time to enjoy your earned money such as going to cinemas or doing other activities.
• Mix developments give a room for hiring the rising generation since there is plenty of companies around, investments and stores as well that may need full time and temporary workers. It will be great for the youth since it will prepare them for a better future and they will be inspired to work hard.
For busy countries, mix development is essential because it leads to the growth of the economy that will meet the demands of the growing population.

A wonderful and unique lifestyle awaits you. Please see Midtown Suite site plan and floor plans for more information.