Things You Can Do in Bugis

Although Bugis gained international fame because of the nightly gatherings featured, there are a variety of attractions to pique your interest. Its street market and culturally rich sites have made Bugis one of Singapore’s most renowned tourist destinations today. In fact, you won’t easily find someone who visited Bugis for anything other than the treats offered.

Thanks to the island’s transportation links, Bugis is currently one of the most accessible areas in Singapore. With more downtown areas pedestrianized and the construction of Singapore’s first integrated transport corridor, Bugis is set to offer more accessibility. As a result, visitors will have more ways to get to Bugis for the area’s vibrant sights, sounds, and food.

Attractions in Bugis

But that is not all, visitors can look forward to more fun, engaging and entertaining experiences now that Bugis is opening up. Here are a few reasons to visit Bugis soon. Green materials are used in the construction of the development and there will be added home security features in the development. Please see security tips that are available in the development.

Art and music
For freaky art lovers, there’s an APB Foundation Signature Art Prize Exhibition held at SAM. As disturbing as the larger-than-life art exhibition might seem to some, it is admittedly a killer show! With room-filling features like the Lovecraftian metal carcass by miss Choe U-Ram displayed at the center of the museum, this is one of the most attractive art shows in Singapore.

When it comes to music, you will get to hear Japanese musicians play everything from bebop to J-pop. Depending on your taste in music, you can also enjoy J-reggae and Arab Street acoustics at either Blu Jaz or Straits Records on Bali Lane.

Eateries in Bugis

For a delicious brunch
On Queen Street, you will find Asanoya Bakery, one of the latest, most famous spots for delicious carbs. It’s hard not to obsess over this new favorite space. Loves of pillowy Asian buns, crusty European, and chocolate lava cubes will find this place more than satisfactory. The décor, airy space, abundant seating and in-house coffee make it more than a worthy spot for brunch.

Although Seah Street may have seemed like a ramshackle little street, the place is getting a makeover. You’ll find a myriad of new, amazing places to quench your thirst. You can visit Restaurant Sela for Japanese craft beer, Tess Bar for cocktails, or go to Bridge for coffee if nothing else.

Drinking in Bugis

Like many other countries, Singapore is about to enforce a shisha ban, meaning this might be your last chance to enjoy the effects of shisha. For those who indulge, you can enjoy some last nicotine-filled times at a few remaining shisha spots.

Vinyl record bash
If you are a vinyl fetishist, Bugis is where you’ll meet others people who share your interest. If you are a record fancier, LongPlay, forthcoming hipster vinyl, and Straits Records, an old school record store, are your best hang out sites. Alternatively, you can attend Loof’s regular vinyl-only bash. This Wax On Wax Off bash is often held on a Saturday.

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