Marina Bay Sands Singapore has a lot to offer for tourists looking for luxury and relaxation. It’s one of the top five Islands in terms of popularity when it comes to shopping destinations. With an amazing skyline of man-made structures like apartment buildings and sky scrapers, Marina Bay Sands blends the fast-paced and the elegant in one spectacular location. It is hard not to be mesmerized by Marina Bay Sands, whether you are in it for the glamour and glitz of shopping, or you just want to unwind after a long day of work and travel. Marina Bay Sands offers a wide array of choices when it comes to shopping. From high-end international brands to local boutiques, you will be able to find everything you need here.

For people who prefer not to shop, Marina Bay Sands Singapore has many dining options that will surely quench your hunger. The place offers four restaurants, which serve a variety of cuisines. These restaurants are Hainanese Nasi Kandar, Papi Maalam Restaurant, Chinese takeaway Xintang, and International House of Pancakes. For more authentic Singaporean food, you can also try hawker food stalls along the water walk and the shopping areas at Ang Moi Beach. A lot of hawkers set up shop at the Helix Bridge, so make sure to take them out for a bite to eat.

If you are into street food, then you should definitely check out the Gordon Ramsay Corner. It is very close to the Helix Bridge and serves some of the best Chinese food you can find in Singapore. The dishes here are very spicy and have a unique taste unlike any other restaurant in Singapore. You will definitely be hooked after trying the Bao, Hong Kong chicken, Szechwan noodles, and Chow mein. Other local favorites include Cantonese-style egg rolls, roasted pig’s feet, Canadian bacon flautas, stir-fried vegetable with peanut gravy, and deep fried calamari.

If you want to shop, then you can find anything you need at the Big Bazaar or the Night Markets. The Big Bazaar is home to a wide variety of local and international products from garments to jewelries. The Night Market on the other hand is the largest selling market in the island and boasts of some of the most famous brands in the country. Most tourists usually head over to the Bread Street Kitchen, which is known for its exotic Asian cuisine and is one of the premiere tourist attractions in Singapore.

Just a few steps away from the shopping mall and the hotels, you will find the Singapore Botanical Gardens. It is a man-made forest made out of a combination of artificial and natural gardens that provides an amazing experience to visitors. Its six floors are filled with beautiful flowers, vines, ferns, and tropical trees. In the middle of the garden are clusters of pink flamingos, Royal Bengal cats, and numerous bird species.

One of the newest member of the Five Star Hotels in Singapore, The Raffles Hotel is a two-star hotel located just beside the Singapore River. A short walk from the Riverside shopping mall and the hotel, you will find a playground complete with a water slide, water pond, swings, a Ferris wheel, mini golf, a mini railway and a teahouse. It also has a spa, pool and sauna, as well as a restaurant with a variety of cuisines.

Another luxury resort is the merged Marina Bay Sands Singapore. The place is very luxurious and the cuisine is amazing! At this resort, you will enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, tennis, golfing, and a high speed Ferris wheel. You will also find an indoor climbing wall, laser show, sand play area, a wet bar, an indoor bowling alley, and a spa. All rooms have cable television and Internet access.

Last but not the least, is the newly built Marina Bay Sands Singapore. The resort has everything you can think of and more. The views are spectacular and the services are top class! You will feel like a king when you stay at the integrated resort.