Bugis Junction Located at Beach Road Singapore

Bugis junction is an integrated development which is located at Victoria secret in Bugis-Singapore. Parco Buildings developed this in the year 1995; it was completed as a mixed development which comprised a retail mall, Intercontinental hotel-Singapore, and an office tower. This was the first shopping mall that was covered in glass, and it linked three streets Hylam street, Bugis street, and the Malley street.

Bugis Junction Popular Shopping Malls

This was among the popular malls in Singapore in 1995, it also featured departmental stores, food courts, cinema, and more than 200 specialty shops, After ten years that is 2005 the mall was sold to CapitaLand. Under the ownership of Capital and the mall was renovated. It is now a bustling mall that offers a wide variety of shopping including popular and international fashion, cosmetics and accessories, and plenty of delicious foods.

First Air-conditioned Sky Lit Mall Bugis Junction

This is the first air-conditioned sky-lit shopping mall that is flanked by a lot of historic shophouses, If you are new in Singapore do not forget to pass by Bugis Junction and have a fantastic shopping experience. It is a great place that will allow you to shop within your budget and still get items of the best quality. The food court in this mall offers amazing foods, they consist of some stalls, and they also prepare Fresh Asian Cuisine. It is an excellent place for youth and adults to hang out, it is big, and it has something for everyone who stops by.

Tourist go to Bugis Junction

Outside the mall, there is a lot of pushcarts selling different things. People like going around browsing their stuff. The mall is also so clean throughout, and it turns out to be one of the pride of Singapore. The mall is always crowded since there is a lot of people browsing, shopping and some eating foods. The crowd is not so annoying since you will still get services in the mall or any items that you are looking for.

Much more Bugis Junction is architecturally interesting therefore it is a great place that most tourists who visit Singapore would note.it is partially set in rows of shopping houses, and another part of it is underground in a separate building. The mall is centrally located. Therefore you can just go to the mall even if you don’t want something. If you have enough time, you can spend almost a half a day shopping in the mall since you will find everything interesting with amazing stuff.

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